Secure Architecture Review

Eracorp Technologies provides comprehensive Secure Architecture Reviews for IT Infrastructure. As part of the review, we help organizations identify vulnerabilities and risks in your architecture design. After thoroughly reviewing your organization’s security posture using industry-standard methodologies, detailed, actionable recommendations are provided for improvement.

Design Secure Architecture

Our team of experts will work with you to understand the application design implementations through architecture diagrams, flow charts, and follow-up questionnaires. After confirmation, we will use Threat Modeling tools to draft the architecture from a security standpoint, using the STRIDE methodology.

Depending on how critical the application is, we will provide baselines, establish necessary controls, apply logging best practices etc. for improved security.

Asset – Centric Approach

Organizations generally require shipping the application to customers first. Generally, for all deployed applications, this approach is used to identify critical business assets and enable security controls in phases. Adopting this cost-effective approach can help reduce application risks, with the added assurance of data security & compliance with all security standards.


Our Secure Architecture Review service provides the following deliverables:

  • Detailed report: We provide a comprehensive report outlining the risks identified and recommendations for improvement.
  • Executive summary: We provide a high-level summary of the report to help you understand the key findings and recommendations.
  • Action plan: We provide a detailed action plan to help you prioritize and address the risks identified in the report.

Why choose Eracorp Technologies?

  • Expertise: Our security architects have years of experience in conducting secure architecture reviews for organizations of all sizes and in various industries.
  • Customized Approach: We tailor our approach to meet your organization’s unique needs, taking into account your specific security requirements and compliance regulations.
  • Industry Standards: We use industry-standard methodologies and frameworks such as STRIDE, OWASP Threat Matrix, NIST, and CIS to ensure that our recommendations are aligned with best practices and compliance standards.

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