Web Application Security

Web Application Security also referred as Web Penetration Testing. In this Course you will be learning about the OWASP Top 10 security Vulnerabilities, Injections, Mis-Configuration checks, Authentication issues, Authorization attacks, IDOR, CSRF, XSS, RCE etc. At the end of the course the user will be able to perform penetration testing on the real world applications.

Course Syllabus

  1. Introduction to Web Application
  2. Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing Methodology
  3. OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities 2021:
    1. Broken Access Control
    2. Cryptographic Failures
    3. Injection
    4. Insecure Design
    5. Security Misconfigurations
    6. Vulnerable & Outdated Components
    7. Identification and Authentication Failures
    8. Software and Data integrity Failures
    9. Security Logging and Monitoring Failures
    10. Server Side Request Forgery
  4. Additional Attacks
    1. Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
    2. Unvalidated Redirects & Forwards etc.
  5. Walk through Bug Bounty Reports (Theory)
  6. Document & Reporting


  1. A Laptop with Minimum 8 GB Memory
  2. VirtualBox Installed
  3. Harddisk space of 25GB
  4. Basic knowledge on web technologies.

Who can attend?

Any user who is interested to learn on application security.

Course Duration

Duration: 30 Hours

For more details contact: [email protected]