We identify vulnerabilities early to help you protect your applications from cyber attacks.

Supporting customers in securing their digital assets since 2017 with our wide range of offerings.

Our Values


We prioritize building trust by delivering reliable solutions tailored to your needs.


We foster long-term customer relationships built on mutual respect and understanding.


We offer personalized solutions that cater to your unique business requirements.


We ensure the safety and integrity of your applications and data, allowing you to focus on business growth.


Integrating scalable security practices into the software development lifecycle for safer and more reliable applications.

Cloud Security

Protecting data and applications stored in cloud environments from unauthorized access and cyber threats.

Web Pentesting

Identifying and fixing vulnerabilities in websites to keep them secure.

Securing Apps Online

Our AppSec security team has extensive experience checking the safety of various businesses, such as hospitals, online stores, schools, factories, travel companies, software makers, and designers. We’re also really good at testing websites and apps to keep them safe and ensuring the security of cloud systems and software.


Embedding security as a core aspect of organizational culture.


Leveraging automation to maintain meticulous security standards.


Identifying and mitigating security risks before they are exploited.


Offering comprehensive security solutions tailored to your needs.


Demonstrating proficiency through certified security professionals. Like CEH, OSCP, etc.


Ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Our Team

Meet Our Dedicated Security Team members.

Raghunath Gopinath

Founder & Security Consultant

Surya Prathap

Director & Finance


Director & Ethical Hacker

Deepa R

Security Analyst

Naresh Devineni


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